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First of all I would like to thank you for taking the time to visit my brand new blog. This is Shafiq Rehman all the way from Lahore, Pakistan. I am amateur blogger, Zend Certified Engineer and working as Sr. Web Engineer in a US based company. I passed Zend Certification Exam in December 2006 and since then I was thinking to write on Web Development & Rich Internet Applications related issues such as security breaches, tips & tricks, best practices and optimization.

At last I registered this domain to fulfill my desires about the PHP, MySQL and Web Techniques. Thanks to Allah who gave me courage to help my community of web developers who are trying the excel in this diversified field of intellectuals.

Here, I will try my best to share my knowledge and experiences about web services, web security, mysql query optimizations, search engine optimization (SEO), CSS hacks, XML, XSL, XSS, XSLT and other php related topics.


14 Responses to “Welcome to my brand new blog”

  1. Jawad Says:

    Hello Shafiq Rehman

    First of all I would like to congratulate you on your grand achievement and I think you got a great milestone.

    I am a newbie php developer from Lahore and looking for some great resources of php knowledge.

    I think you should really contribute and share your knowledge and expertise to help others who are trying indulge in this profession.

    Please write and share some thoughts on security, website vulnerabilities and rich internet applications in details.

  2. Shafiq Rehman Says:

    @Jawad thank you so much for for writing on my first post. You will get more and more from this blog inshallah!

    I will definitely write about security and website vulnerabilities in details because it is very very important in any web application.

  3. mohsin Says:

    Thats another great site respected Rehaman. I like this site and hoping that you would go forward soon in this regard. I appreciate your knowledge.

  4. Zoobia Says:

    Hi, I am from Lahore and I just passed my BCS degree. I am interested in web development using php, please guide me from where I should start learning php. Also guide me, is php good and has scope in the local software industry?

  5. mohsin Says:

    Hi,zoobia congradulate you on ur sucess in BCS. if you want to start php from very first step then u must use online totorial called php.net. other wise you can find book on php
    “WROX – Beginning Apache, PHP and MySQL Web Development.pdf”
    You can find out this book from pdfchm.com. this book start from very first step. Hope you will find out good results from both refferences.

  6. Shafiq Rehman Says:

    @mohsin thanks for visitng and appreciating my new blog.

    Congrats for passing the BCS degree. Mohsin is right, you should start learning PHP from php.net. I think php’s official manual is one of the best learning material for novice as well as professionals.

    Believe me php skill is like a hot cake now a days in the local as well as in the international web development market. You can verify this from Pakistan’s number one job site ROZEE.PK that there are lot of php related jobs in local software development industry.

  7. Sharafat Ali Says:

    Aslam-o-alaikum Sir,

    It is a great achievement by you to introduce a blog for php learners. It will be very helpful for beginners and people like me already working in php. I hope this site will provide us opportunity to take benfit from your knowledge and experience.

    Congratulations sir.

  8. Majid Imtiaz Says:

    Dear Shafiq,

    Many congratulations on commencement of new blog and specially in the area in which we really need good people. Moreover it is very fortunate for new comers to learn and take guidance people like you. I always admire your programming skills and your approach towards problem solving. I hope we will learn alot from this new blog. Wish you all the best.

  9. Saleem Siddiqi Says:


    We have a project in PHP 5 details in the following link


    If you or your Company has ability and will to do this, please advise and offer rates.


    Saleem Siddiqi

  10. Shafiq Rehman Says:

    Dear Saleem,

    Thank you so much for the offer, off course we have ability to do any kind of project which is based on php4 or php5 but I do not do freelancing

  11. Asif Hussain Says:

    Dear Shafiq Rehman
    Im first time visting your blog. some time ago i have read that you have told many people at PTCL BroadBand settings.
    I will be greatfull if you tell me how to configure ZTE modem. Im using 1mb connectiong. but speed is low(sometime) and its getting disconected again & agian. I hope to hear from you soon.

    Thanks & Regards
    Asif Hussain

  12. Muhammad Ihsan Says:

    Dear Shafiq

    We are looking for Exp. and Prof. PHP Trainer , if interest do contact us.



  13. Muhammad Ali Says:

    Dear Shafiq,
    I want to Call you for discussing about PHP Certification, How to Register and Information about them, Please send me your cell number so that I could call you for 5 minutes. Thanks

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